Cyberbullying and Suicide at Rutgers: The Dharun Ravi and Tyler Clementi Story with Judge Berman who presided over the trial

In 2010 two Freshman at Rutgers began their adult life together in a shared dorm room.  They didn’t know each other but their lives would be forever changed by their room assignment together.  Just two weeks into their first semester, Dharun Ravi spied on his roommate Tyler Clementi using a webcam.  He saw his roommate being intimate with an older man.  He ridiculed Clementi on twitter not expecting much to come of it.  Clementi, who had recently come out as gay, requested a room change.  Days later, he jumped of the George Washington Bridge and committed suicide.  Ravi was charged with several felonies for the spying incident, including hate crimes.  He was convicted by a jury and sentencing by The Honorable Glen Berman in Middlesex County Superior Court.  The case brought cyberbullying to the front pages of newspapers across not only America but the world.  This week we go into the case with Judge Berman, who showed incredible courage in his sentence of Ravi.  Find out how in this episode of the Under Oath Podcast.

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