Alan Dershowitz (Part 1)- Dershowitz talks “Deep Throat” porn case, defending the first amendment right to free speech and the Claus Van Bulow attempted Murder trial which was basis for the movie “Reversal of Fortune”

Part One of our interview with Alan Dershowitz focuses on the battle between free speech and obesity that was waged during the 70’s.  Harry Reems, an actor in the famous “Deep Throat” porn movie was charged with conspiracy for his role and faced 5 years in prison.  Alan Dershowitz reversed his conviction and won a giant victory for free speech in America.

Dershowitz was the youngest full time law school professor in Harvard Law School history at 28 years old, where he remained for 50 years.  He also has written over 30 books.  He is regularly hired to work on the most substantial cases in the country and is known for his genius and relentless advocacy.  Please enjoy part one of the Alan Dershowitz interview on Under Oath.

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