F. Lee Bailey (Part 2)- Bailey takes us into the O.J. Simpson case including who he believes really committed the murderes… and it wasn’t OJ!

Part Two of our interview focuses on the O.J. Simpson Trial, currently Bailey’s most famous case. He is known as “O.J.’s last defender” and not only does he maintain O.J.’s innocence in Part Two, but he tells us in detail who DID commit the murders… it wasn’t O.J. You have to hear it to believe it.

Bailey was one of the “dream team” lawyers who represented O.J. Simpson in his double murder trial in 1995. Bailey was recently portrayed by Nathan Lane in the FX special “The People vs. O.J. Simpson.” What you may not know, is that Bailey was the mastermind behind much of the trial, including the idea to have the prosecutor make O.J. try on the famous glove that “didn’t fit.” He also handles the cross examination and complete dismantling of the State’s lead witness, Detective Mark Furman, exposing him as a racist and liar. If anyone can be credited with O.J.’s acquittal in that trial, it is F. Lee Bailey. Bailey goes into detail about the facts of the case and makes some shocking revelations that our audience had never heard before, despite the rise in O.J. coverage over the last two years. He also talks about having dinner with O.J. this fall after his release from Las Vegas Prison.

Bailey is firmly placed among the greatest trial lawyers in American history. I was shocked
when he agreed to be the first guest, and he did not disappoint. Enjoy his stories on the first ever Under Oath Podcast.

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