Famed Trial Lawyer Tom Mesereau part 1: Defending Michael Jackson in his child molestation and conspiracy trial. Tom takes us inside the case and tells some unbelievable stories about this famous trial.

Imagine being told the most famous man on the planet, Michael Jackson, wants you to be his lawyer.  You are then flown to Florida, met by people you don’t know, taken to a remote island, sat in a room and questioned by strangers.  In the back of the room their is a familiar face.  Michael Jackson.  That was Tom Mesereau’s job interview to represent the king of pop.  Tom did end up representing Michael Jackson in one of the most famous trials in history.  He successfully gained acquittals on all charges.  Tom is a true trial lawyer to be respected and emulated.  His work ethic is incredible and his approach to defending to accused has gained him a reputation as one of the finest lawyers in the world. In this episode Tom brings us inside his youth, the Michael Jackson trial and many other stories of his remarkable career.  This is part one of the interview.  Part two will be up soon where Tom takes us into his most recent trial defending famed comic and television star Bill Cosby.

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