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LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 23:  Defense attorney F. Lee Bailey (L) points   during a hearing in the O.J. Simpson murder case 23 January in Los Angeles as he argues for cross examination of a police officer involved in the case. Judge Lance Ito allowed the cross examination of detective Mark Fuhrman, who found the bloody glove at Simpson's home after the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman. (COLOR KEY: Brown wall.) AFP PHOTO  (Photo credit should read POO/AFP/Getty Images)
Alan Dershowitz
Dean Strang

F. Lee Bailey

The legendary "Dream Team" trial lawyer F. Lee Bailey, with Clarence Darrow, is widely considered the greatest trial lawyer in the last century.  His famous cases include the following:  The O.J. Simpson murder trial where he dismantled the racist detective Mark Furman on cross examination and planted the seeds for the famous “glove doesn’t fit” courtroom scene;  The Dr. Sam Shepard murder trial which was the basis for the movie and television series “The Fugitive”;  The Dr. Carl Coppolino murder trial which occurred in Freehold, NJ, hometown of the “Under Oath Podcast” and Bruce Springsteen;  The Patty Hearst armed robbery case; and countless others.  His fame and notoriety for his clients is only eclipsed by his reputation as an incredible trial lawyer.

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz, the youngest full-time law professor in Harvard Law School history, author of over 30 books, one of the most reputable appellate lawyer in American history, civil rights champion and advocate.  He has argued influential cases on free speech, the death penalty, accused rights, DNA evidence and is always on the front lines of America’s most important legal battled.  His clients have included O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson, Claus Von Bulow, Julian Assange, Jeffrey Epstein and many more.    He regularly argued before the United States Supreme Court and earned a reputation for being a brilliant advocate for his clients.


Dean Strang

Dean Strang, rose to fame with the incredible Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” where he served as one-half of the Steven Avery defense team during his murder trial.  The now famous story followed Steven Avery, who served 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he did not commit, was released and exonerated, only to be charged by the same prosecutor’s office and returned to jail for the murder of Teresa Halbach.  Debate over Avery’s innocence or guilt has become a national phenomenon.  Strang was an instrumental part of success of the series and became a cherished figured by the American public for his integrity, empathy and desire for justice.

Jerry Buting

Jerry Buting, along with our previous guest Dean Strang, made up the Steven Avery defense team featured in the Netflix series "Making a Murderer". As a defense attorney, he developed a strong reputation for his advocacy and innovativeness in both preparation and courtroom delivery.   Buting authored a book about his experience in that trial, and other cases he has handled, called "Illusion of Justice".   Buting's book, world tour and continuing criminal practice, including his work with the "innocence project" have put the American Justice system on a main stage.

Greg Kading

Retired LAPD detective Greg Kading takes us deep into the infamous unsolved murder cases of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.  Kading led a task force created by the LAPD to try and solve the murder cases.  Kading wrote a book about his experience called "Murder Rap".  In the book, he details exactly who he believes committed the gruesome killings, and event more shocking, who the influence behind both slayings.   Our interview goes into detail about these topics and much much more.

Judge Glenn Berman

Retired Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman presided over the historic case of State v. Dharun Ravi, which analyzed cyber bullying and hate crime in the modern era.  The case was covered internationally and generated an enormous focus on teen suicide, cyber bullying and social media.  The charges raised constitutional issues that changed law in New Jersey.  Judge Berman's courageous rulings and the sentence he imposed received great praise and scrutiny from both sides of the debate.

Stephen Braga

One of the most respected appellate attorneys in America, Stephen Braga has advocated on some of the highest profile wrongful convictions in modern jurisprudence.  Perhaps most famously, he literally saved the life of Damien Echols, of the West Memphis 3, who had an execution date on death row.  Braga was the mastermind who came up with the strategy and negotiated the terms of release for the three men who had been imprisoned for 18 and a half years for a murder they maintained they were innocent of.  Braga now heads the Appellate Litigation Clinic at Virginia Law and continues to represent white color criminal defense cases and works with innocence projects to free those wrongfully convicted.