Trying a Mafia case: Cross examining a Mob Boss turned State’s witness and defending clients charged with murder in the mafia with Gerry McMahon

The New York Post wrote the following about famous Mob Lawyer, Jerry McMahon.

When wiseguys have a rat problem, they don’t call an exterminator — they dial defense lawyer Gerald McMahon.

“No one does rats like I do,” McMahon boasted to The Post. “My specialty is cross-examining rats. I have good instincts.”

In this episode, McMahon takes us through several of his amazing mafia cases, including his representation and acquittal  for alleged Genovese capo Anthony Romanello where he had to cross examine a former mafia boss turned state’s evidence.  This was the first time in the history of the American Mafia that a boss flipped and testified at trial.

McMahon is notorious for his dismantling of “rats.”   These are the key witnesses the State uses to convict defendants who have turned on people they used to assocaite with.

The New York post reported as following from McMahon.

“Omerta?” he scoffed, referring to the mob’s code of silence. “That’s a myth. There are so many rats out there and very few stand-up people in life,” continued McMahon, a father of four who curses freely, wears monogrammed dress shirts, and hangs a framed picture of former client Axl Rose on the wall of his lower Manhattan office.

At the Romanello trial, McMahon took a straightforward approach to government witness and former Bonanno boss Joseph “Big Joey” Massino, pointing out the gangster’s immense wealth in comparison to his client, as well as his newer, lowly station in life.

“You became a rat!” he bellowed at Massino.

“Some nights when I was on stage, I could literally feel that if I raised an eyebrow, the audience would react,” he said, recalling his turn as Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman

“That’s what it’s like in the courtroom. They like a show.”

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