West Memphis 3: Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin did 18 and a half years in prison until our guest Stephen Braga got them out. The unbelievable story of a modern witch hunt.

The West Memphis 3 is our featured case this week.  The unbelievable story involves 3 tanagers who were imprisoned for 2 decades for a horrific triple murder they maintained they didn’t commit.  The story tells like a modern day Salem Witch trial.  The conviction was based on a fairly tale like theory of a Satanic worship.  In reality, the three accused were chosen as suspects because they listened to heavy metal music, dressed different and could be considered weird.   With hardly any hard evidence they were quickly convicted and sent to jail for life, one facing the death penalty.  Over time the case generated a huge public outcry and became a symbol of injustice in America.  Our guest, Stephen Braga, a highly renowned appellate attorney, did what no one else could do for 18 and a half years; he got the teenagers (now in their late 30’s) out of jail.  He tells the incredible story in this episode of the Under Oath Podcast.

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