West Memphis 3: Jason Baldwin, the youngest of the West Memphis 3, was 16 when he was convicted of murders he maintains he didn’t commit. He was the last to accept the Alford Plea to get out of jail after 18 years. This is his story.

In this episode, Jason Baldwin tells us about being  accused of murder, going through the trial and conviction,  and being in jail for 18 years for something he says he had nothing to do with.  His story is one of tremendous suffering, yet he does not hold a grudge against his accusers, even to this day.  In fact, he works full time with an organization called Proclaim Justice who provides support to the wrongfully accused.  This is Jason’s story.  The youngest of the West Memphis 3.  The last of the boys to accept the Alford Plea which released them from prison.  Jason talks about his relationship with Rock Star Eddie Vedder and the extreme generosity that he showed to the WM3 during and after their imprisonment.

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